Zdeněk Pokoj - fotografie

Zdenek Pokoj

From the first moment I put a brush in my hand, painting became my great passion. I learned the craft in the studio of Sergey Soumin, who has been guiding me since 2010 for less than ten years.
Painting is my hobby, which gives me great creative freedom and independence. When painting in our studio in Žižkov, I get into a slightly different time-space, when painting completely absorbs me.

As a child, I liked the old cracked walls in which various animals, figures, faces appeared to me... but you know that yourself. I enjoy painting canvases that you can look at for hours and, just like old, chipped walls, sometimes something that no one else sees peeks out at you.

The paintings are available in the form of a high quality canvas print stretched on a wooden frame. The scans of the originals are of high quality, which preserves their plasticity and depth.